Web service that allows you to have remote import paths for Go packages with your domain or a subdomain.

import ""

The key benefit is that your packages are independent of the version control system provider, whether it is GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or private repository. You can change provider or even version control system whenever you like, and also keep the same import paths. Also, custom domains means better branding of your packages.

This service is free of charge and its source code is available under BSD license.

The functionality is provided by the mechanism of the go tool.

No installation of any additional tools is needed.

"For code hosted on other servers, import paths may either be qualified with the version control type, or the go tool can dynamically fetch the import path over https/http and discover where the code resides from a <meta> tag in the HTML."

GopherPit just provides a service to serve and manage HTML meta tags.


  • Use your own domains and subdomains (or subdomains under for Go packages
  • Specify a custom Git branch or tag for a package path for different package versions in the same repository that break backward compatibility with master or other branches
  • Add as much domains and packages as you like
  • Allow other users to manage packages for each domain by creating teams
  • Keep track of every change that has been made with detailed audit records
  • Automate using HTTP API
  • Automatic requests and renewals of TLS certificates thanks to Let’s Encrypt™
  • Free and open source software for on-premises installation